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Whether you are at home, at school or on holidays, you can still join in the action from any modern internet-powered device.

Kidz Crew is an inclusive online Dance platform designed for children in primary school. Our accessible portal allows anyone to learn Hip Hop from the comfort of their own home. This amazing online program brings the dance instructor into your home via any electronic device with internet access; Desktop Computer, Tablet or Mobile Phone.

With clear step-by-step instructional videos led by a professional dance instructor, we will have everyone dancing along in no time to all 4 of our routines. These videos are designed to make learning the moves a fun and enjoyable experience for all, which will help build confidence and improve coordination whilst also keeping everyone physically active.

It’s easy to get started with the FREE NSW Creative Kids Voucher.

Login to Kidz Crew from your desktop computer or laptop for a larger experience.

Participate in our lessons on the move by logging into Kidz Crew on an iPad or tablet.

Use a mobile phone and join us anywhere or anytime.

If you don't have a voucher

Outside of NSW, or don’t have a Creative Kid’s Voucher? Not a problem, your child is still able to join in on the action! Click Here to purchase a Yearly Membership!

Using the Service NSW Creative kids grant does not impact your Active kids grant. If your child is between the age of 4 and 18, You are entitled to both grants. That's Great!

Start Dancing in 3 Easy Steps!

Sign Up Using Your Voucher

Sign Up Using Your Voucher

Click Here to visit the sign up page.

Enter $100 Voucher Code

Enter $100 Voucher Code

Enter your $100 code from Service NSW Creative Kids Website

Receive Login Details

Receive Login Details

We will send you your new login details, and start dancing today!

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